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What is Protein? You mean Mass Bulk WPI Pro Powder right? – What you NEED to know about Protein! (VIDEO)

What is Protein?

In this video I cover the bases on Protein and it’s role within the body and the gym.

When most people think of protein the first thing they think of is Protein powders, shakes, large bodybuilders, grunting, steroids <– that’s the really fucked cycle I see across beginners in the gym.

Wow this protein bar contains 36g of Muscle Building, Fat Blasting Protein. I'll be jacked in no time!

Wow this protein bar contains 36g of Muscle Building, Fat Blasting Protein. I’ll be jacked in no time!

Simply, proteins are found in most living cells – from our hair, skin, nails, to the intracellular proteins that help transmit messages and chemicals in our cells. But when it comes to protein in relation to Nutrition – what do you need to know?


  1. It’s a source of Nitrogen for the human body (we need this).
  2. It’s an alternate food source when carbs and fats are low (we also need this).
  3. It biggest benefit is skeletal muscle growth and repair (we love this).
  4. Consists of Amino Acids (Humans need 21, we make 12 of them)
  5. There are 9 Amino Acids that we need to ingest from our diet because we cannot make it ourselves (very important stuff!)

Watch the video above to learn more about how Protein becomes muscle!

Enjoy 🙂


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