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New Year … Same You

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It's 2019 and we are back – this time of the year means you or someone you know will be going through some ambitious health and fitness endeavors. It's truly an exciting and at times motivating period as everyone is health conscious and enthusiastic about getting lean and mean.

hen comes February… back to being a lazy piece of shit.

Most people have the right intentions but go about their health and fitness goals the wrong way.

They focus on the result and not the process or steps required.

For example most people set targets such as 'lose 20kg' – how on earth are you going to lose 20kg? Have you lost 15? 10? Have you lost even 5kg?

How will you lose the weight? Lipo, Herbalife, Atkins or starvation?

Put some thought and consideration into your goals, more specifically around the day-to-day tasks or behaviours you need to follow in order to achieve your goals.

For example if you want to lose 5kg – focus on counting caloric intake and maintaining a 200 calorie deficit. Sleep 7 hours per night and exercise four times per week.

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New Year New Me? How to make your New Year's resolution stick! It’s the first day of 2019 so it’s only right to talk about your New Year's resolution. How many people set losing weight/fat as one of their resolutions? After eating, drinking and partying for the past week. You feel guilty, you feel off track and new year is a new start. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a new year resolution as goal setting is extremely important. However, year after year, how many people actually stick to their resolution and manage to achieve it? It’s the festive season and you are on holiday, you are surrounded by family and friends, everyone is talking about their goals and you feel motivated for a fresh start. However, when everyone goes back to work on the 7th and gets back to reality and the external motivation starts to fizzle away. Life happens and your problems and challenges didn’t go away because it’s the new year. Then comes the excuses. Before you know it it’s 2020 and you are doing this again. So how do you avoid this from happening? 1. Make sure your resolutions/goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Too many people set unrealistic goals and sabotage themselves right from the start. 2. Set many small goals. Achieving a body composition goal takes time and it is extremely important that you set small goals in between so you can stay focused and motivated in achieving them. 3. Accept that things won’t be perfect and there will be many challenges along the way. Have a contingency plan for when those things happen so you can work around the situation. 4. Make sure to seek help and education if you are unsure what to do and if you need someone to keep you accountable. Hopefully this time next year you can be proud and say you’ve ticked all your boxes off in 2019. Diet Smart. Not Hard Flex Success Coach: Allen Email: Website:

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Some fantastic advice from the guys at Flex Success.

How to survive the New Year, New Me Hangover

Okay so taking the above all into consideration, your main goal is to survive the whole 'New Year, New Me' phase where motivation often fizzles by end of Jan.

My advice is to participate in various activities that will promote your health and fitness goals. E.G – obstacle course races, enter a half marathon, participate in a local amateur Powerlifting meet.

Execution is more important than motivation so by taking the plunge and registering for these events/activities you're more likely to follow through.

Wrap up

So to finish, enjoy the New Year phase – set realistic goals (write them down too!) and think about execution and daily actions instead of end results.

Tell people about your goals and intentions. People can hold you accountable and call you out for talking shit.

And finally,

Fucking execute.


I'll leave you with an absolute cracker of a post:

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PLEASE READ!! 🙌🏻 . . Jan 1st. Now time for millions of people to begin their “ all or nothing” approach to nutrition and training for the next few months before 95% fall off and go further backwards than they are beginning from right now. So here’s some very important facts to read to ensure you set yourself up for the year. . . You don’t want it more than the next person the more restrictive or drastic you go. The more restrictive you go, does not guarantee greater results, just greater chance of binging and falling off terribly in the long run. Balance people . . Recognise you will have bad days. You will miss workouts, you will get sick, you will eat over your calories. It’s normal! Have a bad day, then get back on track. Don’t dwell! We are human. We fuck up all the time! Get back on track . . Remember if you do fall off track, you are literally one good meal from being back on track. That’s it. So simple. It’s not the end of the world. One meal and you are back! . . Recognise no nutritional system is going to accelerate fat loss more than any other. So stop being a dickhead and making everyone around you do the nutritional system you prefer. Remember energy balance dictates rate of fat loss, macros determine how you feel when you diet. I use the analogy of – it’s like going to a party and you wear a blue shirt and your mate Gary wears a red shirt. Then the whole party Gary tells you his shirt is so much better and you should of worn a red shirt as well… shut the fuck Up Gary! Your red shirt is ugly and no one gives a fuck about whether you like Keto or intermittent fasting. You do YOU people! Don’t force your ways on to others . . Recognise somedays you will get hungry. It’s normal. Your metabolism is not going to be ruined from an aggressive approach to a calorie deficit for a few weeks and being hungry does not mean your hormones are totally fucked up. It’s just a natural shitty adaptation of weight loss and drifting further and further away from your metabolic set point. It’s normal! . . Then finally, guys it’s 2019! Knowledge is power. Please be careful who you get your information from. Carbs don’t make you fat. Fats don’t make you fat.

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