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What is the 16 Week Transformation Program?

If you want something you've never had, you need to do something you've never done before.

Have you been burned before?

God forbid not physically, but mentally and psychologically due to your health and fitness?

Have you tried multiple diets, bought every supplement under the sun that was suppose to help you achieve the body of your dreams in no time?


You're probably fed up with being led on a wild goose chase and now you want SOLID, REAL, NO BULLSHIT guidance.

But you want to approach things differently this time around.

You don't just want to train and lift weights and diet.

You don't want to just do as your told and not know why.

You want to train, improve your health and learn why you're doing the things you're doing.

You want to find out WHY you're training a certain way, HOW your nutrition plan is created, WHAT to do when you're sick and injured.

All under the watchful guide of a professional.


If this sounds like you, keep going. If not, feel free to stop here.

Introducing the 16 Week Transformation Program

Over a 16 week period, you'll work one on one with me  and we'll not only design a training and nutrition plan around your lifestyle and goals. But we'll also educate you and I'll keep you totally in the loop as to why we're doing things. Through our education modules you'll be able to improve on your own knowledge so that you can make better health decisions subconsciously.

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How's the program work?

Module #1 Training

We'll create a custom made training program for you. Accompanying this will be ongoing education with the goal being to provide you with the theoretical knowledge to create your own future programs.

Module #2 Nutrition

Flexible Dieting? Intermittent fasting? Counting calories? Macro's? Low carb? Keto-diets? In this module we'll cut through the noise and simplify the nutrition. Real world, evidence based nutritional guidance that will have you losing fat, gaining muscle and improving energy all without potions, pills and unnecessary shakes.

Module #3 Mindset

Learn about developing a bulletproof mindset, goal setting and routines.

What happens if you decide to get started today?

Here's a break-down of the steps that will take place.

  • You'll receive a health and nutrition online questionnaire to complete
  • You'll then receive your welcome information including a 3-day food diary, recipe book etc.
  • Once you've completed the H&N questionnaire and food diary I begin developing your program
  • Within 24-48 hours you'll receive access to our exclusive online training app and members only section
  • We'll take 'before' photos, and continue this every four weeks to measure progress
  • Check in with me every fortnight to see how you're coping and address any difficulties with exercise or nutrition

I met Chris at the gym back in May 2015. Before that I had doubts about how to re-start going to the gym after a few years break. I wanted to go about it this time the right way.  So far I've lost over 10 kilograms of body but most importantly my confidence and energy has skyrocketed thanks to the constant support from Chris. The entire experience has been awesome, we always keep in touch and whenever I have an issue or question he is more than happy to help.  Following Chris' programs on the Online training app is very easy, I can use the exercise videos to remind me and through the app I can keep track of my training and my measurements!

Tanvir Talukdar
Tanvir Talukdar

Chris has been awesome, from the first session introducing me to the plans up to now with the constant feedback and help with my training. Ive been training on and off the past 5 years, Chris has helped me get that step further with an effective training plan which has helped me gain size and strength. The online coaching is very easy to use once you get your head around it. Communicating is very easy Chris is very approachable and easy to talk to, you don't even need to have training in person with the app and advice from Chris. Strength wise I've gone from a 90kg bench to 120kg, 90kg Back squat to 140kg for reps and never Deadlifting to now pulling 150kg for reps.  My weight has increased from 93 to 100kg and my body fat has reduced as well. Overall I'm looking a lot fuller and people can tell that I lift seriously! Which is cool!

Jordan Carr
Jordan Carr

Make the change Today!

I get it, you've been burned before. Fitness 'guru's' who have sold you the world before. Look, I won't force you to take action. But I will tell you this - if you give me 100% effort, I'll give you 100% in return. I won't get you out of bed, but if you decide to turn up - I'll make sure you have all the tools necessary to succeed.

Are you still reading this?

If you're reading this, you're probably not ready yet. And look, that's cool too. Seriously.

End of the day, timing is critical. You need to want to change.

If you're reading this page, it also means that I have spots open.

Once these spots are full - we'll be closing up shop till the next intake which is 4 months away. Can your goals wait till then? They might have to.

All the very best,