STOP EXERCISING, START TRAINING. Someone’s just given me the ‘what the?’ look. What’s the difference? Let’s paint a picture: You, or someone you know has been exercising for as long as you could remember. You go to regular boot camps at your local park, attend spin classes and take your dog for a run along…

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What’s the best Cardio for Fat Loss?

In this video I give my two cents on this frequently asked question regarding cardio and fat loss. If you haven’t yet – be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I record things and like to educate with fancy stuff here and there. Click here ->

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Weightlifting Belts: Do you need them? When and how do you use them?

  Nice Belt Bro, Weightlifting belts are a popular training aid for many gym goers. But too often people misuse them in their training. There is a common belief that using a belt whilst lifting heavy will protect your spine. This is part true. Belts are used to give you something to push against, to…

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